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Engineering Consulting Service
CompNet and Data now offers on-site evaluation of electronics and electrical equipment. This service is offered primarily to the insurance industry. Our staff of degreed engineers can determine the validity of an insurance claim involving electronic equipment.  We will inventory all claimed electronic equipment, document our finding and determine the cause of the claimed damage.  We also provide the following services:
  ACV: Actual Cash Value            RCV: Replacement Cash Value
  On-Site Inspection                  
In-House Testing 
  Project Management            Coordinate Repairs 
  Invoice Review                       
Photographic Documentation
  Damage Verification            Lightning Verification 
  Data Retrieval                           LKQ Verification                     
  Salvage     Restoration                              
Restoration of Electronic Equipment: Electronic or electrical equipment from a water, storm or fire claim may be restored to pre-loss condition at a substantial saving compared to replacement cost.  Our staff of engineers will determine if each claimed item qualified for restoration.  We will then prepare a proposal which includes the restoration cost verses replacement cost.

Savage of Electronic Equipment:  An often overlook component of a loss claim, is what to do with the electronic claimed items after they have  been replaced?  Items that have been replaced for the insured should be consider for salvage.  We can evaluate each item and determine if it has an after market value.  Please give us a call for details regarding your loss claim files and have us determine the potential savage value of claimed electronic equipment.

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