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Network Administration and Database Design
Our name CompNet and Data is an abbreviation of the primary services we offer, which is  Computer Networks Administration  and Databases Design. These services along with our computer repair service helps us provide the primary computers services required by most small to medium size business.  Please read about our network and database services that we offer and learn more about the advantages of each.

       Your I.T. Department When you Need IT.

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Network Administration:  Every office that has more than one computer has a computer networkThe type of computer network can vary from a simple pier to pier work group to a sophisticated modern day domains environment, which uses a central computer to handle log ins and network resource. 

If your office is in need of an upgrade to a work group or domain environment or simply needs a network resource like a printer to be shared. Give us a call, we also provide the following services:

We provide the following network services:

  • Information technology analysis, strategy, and design
  • Network design, continuous maintenance, and support
  • Ongoing consultation
  • On-site maintenance and support
  • Remote monitoring and support
  • Resource sharing
  • Domain or work group step up
  • Network setup
  • Router programing
  • Network administration and support
  • Help desk support
  • Technology consulting

Database Design and Service for Office Automation:  Does office need to merge  data with a Word  document.  We can design a custom application that includes a database which you can use to create letter merge documents.   You can also use the database to create reports, labels, special list and much more.

For larger databases which include millions of records, we can  set up  a Microsoft SQL back-end database with a user friendly front-end application.  Give us a call, we also provide the following services

We provide the following Database Design Service:
  • Database design and service
  • Data migration from older databases or documents
  • Office automation
  • Word template design
  • Reports documents based on your list.
  • Address labels
  • Queries design, to help find your what you need fast
  • Computer forms for data input and analysis
  • Export to Excel, Word, text or PDF
  • Calculated fields
  • Data input restrictions to keep your data secure and accurate
  • Desktop or web based applications available
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