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ABOUT US: CompNet & Data is a leading information technology (I.T.) consulting company.   We are equipped with a national 24/7 full-time staff of degreed engineers and skilled technicians, along with account managers, tech support and customer service departments.  We provide on-site and remote support for optimal response to any situation.  CompNet & Data is dedicated to providing an  I.T. strategy for your business that will give you a competitive advantage.

We are "Your I.T. Department When You Need It."

Our Services:  We offer computer information technology consulting to help determine your computer hardware and software needs.  This includes the following:
  • Computer Repair and Virus Removal:   Scan for and remove viruses, ad-ware, and other malicious programs.  Diagnose hardware/software to determine malfunctions.  Replace damage or worn parts, upgrade memory and hard drives.    Determine if repair by replacement is the best course of action.
  • Data Recovery and Migration: Recovery of  data loss by accidental data deletion, hard drive reformat, viruses infections and malicious programs   Migrate data from a non functional computer to a network access drives, functional computers, or new hard drive.  Lab service recovery of damaged hard drives (crashed drives) is also available. 
  • Database Design and Implementation for Office Automation: We can modernizer your office by creating an application that will allow you to enter your data into a user friendly form and then output to letter merged documents or reports, lists or labels.  Our team of software engineers will work closely with you or  your staff to help develop a custom database application designed to help you  achieve a hire level office automation.
  • Electronic Loss, Restoration and Salvage: As an added service to the insurance industry, we now offer evaluation of electronic equipment to determine repeatability, causation, actual and replacement cash value(ACV and RCV),  For water and fire loss, we provide restoration services to decontaminate electrical and electronic equipment from smoke, storm debris, water and mold. In some cases were the equipment has been replaced for the insurer, we can determine if equipment may have an after market value either as parts, "as is", in a restored or refurbish condition. 

CompNet and Data has degree  engineers that help support all of our products and services.  You can  expect professional courteous service that set the standard for all I.T. consulting firms.  Give us a call and ask to speak to one of our engineers about your I.T. or electronic loss needs (954) 510-2720.

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